Does Your Multichannel Strategy Need an Update?
Posted on Friday June 22, 2018

When was the last time your print marketing strategy was freshened up? When was the last time you looked at your creative approach, value proposition, and media mix with fresh eyes? If it’s been a while, maybe now is the time. Here are three areas to consider. Does each tactic prove its worth? Technology is cool, […]

3 Tips for Maximizing Results with Print + Email
Posted on Monday June 04, 2018

Combine direct mail with email is a great way to increase response rates. Here are three ways to manage the timing to turbocharge your results. Use email to follow-up to nudge response. Email makes a great reminder for your direct mail pieces. Drop your postcard or letter. Then, while the piece is still fresh in […]

Is Social Media Print’s New Best Friend?
Posted on Tuesday May 01, 2018

While print and social media may compete for your marketing dollars, they don’t have to compete for your customers. In fact, using them together can make your marketing more effective. Let’s look at five ways print and social media can work together. Print drives traffic to social media. How do you drive traffic to your social […]

Paper 101: What Different Terms Actually Mean
Posted on Thursday March 29, 2018

When asked about the details of the paper stock you are choosing for a print project, do your eyes glaze over? Do terms like basis weight, points, and color cast sound like Greek to you? If so, here is a quick list of basic terms to help you better understand the process. Basis weight is […]

5 Considerations for Creating Standout Mail Pieces
Posted on Wednesday February 28, 2018

When we think about great direct mail results, we tend to think about the list, the message, and the call to action. However, things like the size, shape, and texture of the piece play a key role, too. Let’s look at five considerations for creating standout mail pieces. Trim size. If you want the lowest […]