This is a pleasant and thriving little village, situated on the line of the Leavenworth, Topeka & Southwestern Railroad, and not far from the eastern boundary of the county. Its location is an excellent one, being in the midst of a thickly settled and wealthy farming region.

The town was founded in 1881, and was so named from the original owner of the land, and who still owns a portion of the town site. Though so new, it already has a large country trade. Nearly all branches of trade are represented by the business houses, and there are already good grain shipping facilities. The population numbers about one hundred.

The town has a good school, which is liberally kept up by the public-spirited citizens.

The Grange Store of McLouth, I. Pearson, manager, was originally at Dimon, the store being moved when McLouth was laid out. The range was organized, November 16, 1878, and at once was incorporated. Commenced business February 6, 1879. Charter members, thirteen. Among of business done in 1882 was over $10,000. Present membership, forty.

The Methodist Episcopal Church of McLouth was organized December 13, 1882, with the following members: Larkin Rice, chairman; Phillip Cresse, secretary; T. P. Getchel, treasurer. The names enrolled were LArking Rice, Phillip Cresse, T. P. Getchel, C. E. Landon, Rollie Taylor, Dr. J. F. Wetzel, D. N. Daniel and J. W. McFarlane. Several of these were members of the first Methodist Episcopal society of this part, which was organized in September, 1857, in Alexandria Township, Leavenworth County. The first pastor was Rev. Mr. Lovejoy. Services were afterwards held for a number of years in Round Grove schoolhouse. Larkin Rice was one of the leading members of this pioneer church society.

The Methodist Episcopal Church South, or what is known as the Plumb Grove Church, was built in 1871, at a cost of $2,000. the Methodist Episcopal society was organized in that locality in 1857, Rev. Mr. Jones being the first pastor. Among the original members were N. B. Hopewell, Jane C. Hopewell, Margaret Faubian, W. Merideth, Nancy Merideth, J. H. Hopewell and Mary J. Hopewell. The first enrollment numbered thirty-five members. It increased steadily until divided, and a portion merged into the Leverton class. Rev. A. J. Lawless is the present pastor (1883).

McLouth, one of the thriving towns of Jefferson county, is located near the east line of the county at the junction of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe and the Missouri Pacific railroads. It is in Union township 7 miles east of Oskaloosa, the county seat. McLouth is an incorporated town with a weekly newspaper (the Times), banking facilities, express and telegraph offices, and a money order postoffice with three rural routes. The population in 1910 was 775. The town was founded in 1881 and named after the original owner of the land. The grange store was moved from Dimon when McLouth was laid out and was kept by I. Pearson. The amount of business done in 1882 was over $20,000. At present all lines of business are represented and considerable produce is shipped.